So, what is the Center?

Achieve Today Homeschool Resource Center is a facility dedicated to equipping and encouraging homeschooling families in Washington and Idaho. We accomplish this a number of ways!

For students K-12 we have classes, field-trips, special events, tutoring, and hands-on learning.

For parents we have workshops, a curriculum store, a coffee & tea cafe, classes, and understanding.

For families we have community.

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Classes are available for all ages at the Resource Center. From science to , mathematics to drama, we something for everyone!   The selection of classes may change a bit each session based on teacher availability.  We have a combination of classes; those that are intended to supplement the education parents are giving their kids at home and if a parent is looking for a core class we have those as well.  Parents of children under the age of 13 must remain on the premises with their child(ren).

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A Second Cup Coffeehouse

It’s our desire that Achieve Today would be a place of family, relationship and community. A Second Cup Coffee & Tea Cafe is a place of hospitality for our families at the Center, as well as our greater local community. Our heart is to serve everyone and create a safe place that feels like you are stepping into a living room, full of love, compassion and service, a place where you feel so comfortable you would want to stay for a second cup!  Our coffee & tea cafe is staffed by homeschool parents and eventually will become an opportunity for us to provide instruction and practice for our students to equip them well enough they are confident as they venture out to their first jobs.

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The Bookstore

Our bookstore is a new and used bookstore right in the heart of the Center. It serves the community by helping homeschool families navigate the overwhelming world of curriculum, saving them money with affordable prices, and allowing them to sell their quality homeschool resources. Our bookstore is staffed by homeschool parents who are always willing to walk parents through curriculum options and assist with planning out homeschool routines.

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New option for families

Want your child to learn from home but can’t afford curriculum or don’t know how to start?  Come visit with us, we have our private pay home based learning and have added a parent partnership option.  This option is public ed and your child learns from home in addition to attending small group classes at our center.

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