Is Achieve Today a school? Are you accredited?

No. Achieve Today is a homeschool resource center. Our classes are meant to supplement your homeschool.

As homeschooling families, the credits are given by the parent for the courses taken at home as well as elsewhere.

Are your teachers certified?

Not necessarily. Some of our teachers have certifications, but most are members of the community who have a passion and want to share it with others!

Are parents required to participate?

Parents are not required to teach or volunteer (but we love it when they do!) but parents must remain on-site while their children 13 and under are attending classes and supervise their children when not in class.

How much does it cost?

There is a $100 registration fee per family per semester. Individual class rates vary depending on teacher rates, materials costs, frequency, etc. See more pricing information here.

How many classes can my children take?

That is totally your family’s decision. We do, however, suggest trying to condense your classes to one or two days.

Do you offer summer programs?

Yes! We try to offer reading programs, and a variety of camps each summer. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media for more information.

Can I attend the Center if I live outside of Washington? If we don’t homeschool?

Yep! We welcome families from Idaho and Washington. Our classes are open to non-homeschool families as well.

Am I qualified to homeschool?

In the state of Washington, if your child is under the age of 8 you are not required to submit any forms to homeschool.  If your child is between 8 and 17 years old, you must file an annual declaration of intent to homeschool with your local school district.


YES! Idaho Code 33-202 states that all children between the ages of 7 and 16 must receive an education. Parents and legal guardians are obligated to ensure that instruction occurs, but the law makes few stipulations about how a child must receive his or her education.

This part of the education code requires that students receive instruction in subjects commonly encountered in public schools, such as science, mathematics, and language arts. The code does not, however, define any goals or outcomes and Parents have the option to teach by any means that they prefer, from online learning to textbooks/curriculum to enrichment classes, the range of options is available for families to choose from.


Rest assured, you can do this and we are here to help!

How much time does it take to homeschool?

A typical day can vary from half an hour to half a day depending on the student, parent, season of life, and more! Know that with routines,  it is often easier to cover much more material in much less time.

Have you been looking for a specific curriculum? for specific inventory questions or drop by the bookstore during our regular business hours to see for yourself.

What if I want my child to take a class online? Do you have these?

Yes, come visit with us, we have a private school with online courses we can connect you with.