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4 Square Writing


The Four Square method can be used with all forms of writing and will fit any reading or language arts program. This step-by-step approach is built around a simple graphic organizer that first shows students how to collect ideas and then helps them use those ideas to create clear and polished prose. This method is also great for content area writing.

This is an 18 week class, designed for 3rd to 7th grade students.  It meets Mondays from 12:00 to 1:00 First class begins September 9th.

Teacher:  Stephane Lentz

Content aligns to: Writing

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Barre is an amazing workout for all fitness levels and every body type!  This upbeat class is musically driven and focuses on time-under-tension exercises to build strength, endurance, and improve mobility.  The class is high-energy and uses mindful isolated movements set to popular music.  We will be building long, lean muscle, improving flexibility and posture, and increasing our endurance.  Get ready to dance, sweat and have fun!  Please wear comfortable workout clothes and sticky socks or bare feet during class.  Feel free to bring your own yoga mat.

This is an 18 week class designed for any age.  It meets Tuesdays  from 12:00-1:00.

Teacher:  Katie Garringer

Content aligns to: Health/Fitness

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Have you ever wanted to join the circus?  We will be diving into a different circus act every week.  This is a very physical and active class.  Learn hula hoop tricks, juggling, balancing, clowning, poi ball spinning, acrobatics and more.  Class will also consist of crafting as we will make our own props.  This class will work towards a final performance at the end of the semester.

This is an 18 week class, designed for K to 8th grade students.  It meets Mondays from 12:00 to 1:00

Teacher:  Whitney Pittsenbarger

Content aligns to: Health/Fitness, Art


Endless Imagination


In this class students will create simple machines, crafts of all kinds, hand sew projects and more.  Don’t be surprised if a story is read along with the craft/project for each class!

This is an 18 week class designed for3rd to 8th grade students.  It meets Thursdays from 12:00 to 1:00

Teacher:  Angela Cory

Content aligns to: literacy, art, science




Lapbooks is a great hands-on, engaging way to learn almost any topic!  Because they are multi-sensory in nature they work well to bring all learning styles together.  This semester we will focus on Literacy, Social Studies and a bit of Science.

This is an 18 week class, designed for Kindergarten to 2nd grade students.  It meets Wednesdays  from 12:00 to 1:00

Teacher:  Stephanie Lentz

Content aligns to: Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies


Theater is a great teacher for life skills Grades K-3


Have fun creating puppets, performing mini skits, creating with junk and playing games all the while developing the creative thinking, public speaking, and acting skills. When working in Theater, one needs to learn to think ahead and to be flexible. Team work, eye contact, memorization and other skills are all a part of the arts. Most importantly, this is a class to make friends and to have fun! Students will need to bring small items from home such as a sock for a puppet.    This class meets Thursdays at 12:00-1:00, class meets for 16 weeks.  Teacher – Kyrsi Connelly


Writing Club for Teens


Writing Club is a place for young aspiring lovers of writing and future authors to meet, explore all the aspects of great writing and what it takes to be an author, all while experiencing life with peers who love words too!

This is an 18 week class, designed for 6th to 12th grade students.  It meets Mondays  from 12:00 to 1:00

Teacher:  Barb Cruse

Content aligns to: ELA:  Reading & Writing